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May 24, 2012

TAS at the ITM conference in Manchester, 21-23 May 2012 by Bard Vos & Maggy Sainsbury


We arrived at the Hotel early Monday afternoon. We had a little mooch around Manchester and grabbed a coffee before getting ready to attend the First timers meeting!! ~ There were about 60 first timers in the meeting so we all swapped details with our Spot me devices and proceeded to head to the free bar which lasted all night!! Then the networking began!! There were about 300 people there from all different levels, some who had been there many times before and lots of ITM virgins like us! We ate a fantastic basket meal whilst doing a quiz watching duelling pianos and quaffing wine…..


The following morning a wee bit groggy from last night’s antics we gulped a coffee and grabbed a breakfast before more networking and seminars began... Here we met Huw Edwards (news reader) our moderator for the duration of the conference. He was extremely funny and very good at his job and was happy to talk to us minions!! The rest of the day was taken up with seminars and networking, all very interesting and educational.

The highlight of the whole event was the Gala dinner which was fantastic. We sat with a great table that included the head honcho of BA as well as a head hunter and travel manager of UTS! We were entertained by the Rat Pack and an auction! Plenty more booze flowed and the dancing began……


Again we woke up a tad woozy from the night before but ready to commence our last day of the conference! We had some great seminars booked including Loose Women and a great one on presenting skills and tactics! Finally we closed with an inspirational speech from Steve Cram who was funny and positive! He has promised us that we will come no less than 4th in the Olympics this year… so fingers crossed!!


All in all a great conference roll on next April in Windsor!


Tess & Renata 


Tess & Renata ready for some serious networking


For a full set of pictures of the conference, please click here

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