For stays of a day, a week, a month or a year, serviced apartments (also known in the sector as Aparthotels, corporate housing or extended stay housing) offer a spacious, flexible and cost effective alternative to restrictive hotel rooms, with an average saving of 15 - 30% on an equivalent standard hotel.    more


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March 24, 2011

Relocating or visiting the UK on a regular basis? enjoy the comforts of home without the commitment by Esther Munoz Tong


When foreign nationals consider moving to London is quickly very patent why the long held reputation of “one of the most expensive cities in the world” is constantly quoted by friends and colleagues. Although no longer among the top 10 most expensive cities in the world; renting accommodation in the UK is still -and despite of the burst property bubble- one of the highest expenses in everyone’s budget, when compared to other costly cities. 


Another daunting factor for expats and people on international assignments is to decide where to settle in. A city with over 7.5 million inhabitants like London can be very intimidating when one knows very little about the diverse neighbourhoods  to choose from - the areas we would have visited as tourists  are often hardly  residential, unaffordable or simply not very convenient to commute to and from work.


And there is the additional concern that comes with having to commit to a long term rental contract (minimum one year) in a foreign country; an option that is by far the most economical but that can also be too inflexible when aspects such as short or unpredictable duration -and location- of work projects, the eventual arrival of the family, choosing a child-friendly area or the right school have to be taking into account.  The freedom to change your mind about the standard, the size, the amenities and the location of the place of residence that you initially chose is a priceless feature that only serviced apartments can offer at reasonable cost.


What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment is a property which can be rented from anything from a week to a few months or even a year, on an extendable basis. You can rent any type of property from a studio to a multiple bedrooms property. When renting an apartment on a short term basis all the bills and services are included in the rent.


The advantages

Flexibility - you have the option to extend your tenancy on a weekly or monthly basis

Home comforts - the privacy of your own front door, plenty of space and a relaxing environment where you can come and go as you please

Serviced apartments are furnished to a high standard with appliances and household items that include towels, linen, crockery, electrical and kitchen appliances

Cleaning and maintenance services

Just bring your luggage


About The Apartment Service


Our expertise

With over thirty years of experience providing short term corporate and leisure accommodation The Apartment Service understands the pressures of staff and families moving abroad with differing requirements, often at short notice. We understand the many constraints that come with a busy lifestyle and our aim is to help you settle into your new life overseas as quickly and effortlessly as possible. The Apartment Service can do all the hard work for you, your time and energy can be spent on more important things.

Our main objective is to find an option tailored to your requirements, dates and budget. We love to share our knowledge on a wide range of local matters, allowing for an stress-free transition to your new life whether you are planning a short- or long-term move to the UK or to almost any other country in the world with a portfolio of thousands of properties worldwide, we are able to find a solution for both individuals and corporate group requirements alike.


Corporate services

A large number of corporate firms make use of our bespoke accommodation solution as an efficient and economical alternative to hotels. We provide a fully tailored service designed to meet the individual needs of every company and employee.


We also offer a centralised expenses service that allows your accounts department to receive all the accommodation requirements costs in one invoice helping your firm to establish staff expenses in clear and efficient financial terms.


The Apartment Service

We are the largest European provider of serviced apartments with an ever-expanding network of properties worldwide, offering spacious, flexible and cost effective solutions, up to 30% more economical than an equivalent standard hotel. Our expertise can play a key role developing the serviced accommodation requirements of your business.


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