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September 2, 2009

Global Serviced Apartment Industry Report 20092010 edition by Bard Vos

The Apartment Service is currently researching for the follow up to the first Global Serviced Apartment Industry Report which was published in September 2008. This follow up looks at the global serviced apartment / extended stay sector, divided in the various global regions and with the changed economic climate in mind.


Thank you very much for completing the survey.  If you have not completed it yet, you can go back to it here. Please feel free to comment further on anything in the survey. Maybe you wish to expand on the following topics:


* What will be the three biggest challenges facing your business in 2010?


* If you could change the worldwide serviced apartment sector, what would you do/implement?


We look forward to your comments and active participation which hopefully turn into a lively discussion about these relevant and current topics which concern us all.




Comments (7) -

September 27. 2009 09:21

Ian Wood

I found the last GSAIR survey to be both interesting and extremely informative.
It is interesting to note that Serviced Apartments are indeed a real costs saving consideration against comparative accommodation in hotels.
I would like to be kept informed of progress and request a copy of the 2010 survey via email when it is released..

Ian Wood

September 27. 2009 09:32


Dear Mr. Wood,

You can be assured to be kept up to date on the progress of the report and you will receive a copy as soon as it is released.

Bard Vos


October 4. 2009 18:24

Jaideep Ahuja

Hi Bard,

I really enjoyed your last report. Look forward to the new one soon!

Jaideep Ahuja

October 17. 2009 05:32

Chandrashekhar Sastry

An earlier report by you was extremely useful and i am sure this too when done will be of great interest to the industry.

Chandrashekhar Sastry

November 28. 2009 06:41

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very good report. thanks for the information about service apartment industry.

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November 28. 2009 21:25

Service Apartment in Bangalore

really i enjoyed & thanks for the information about service apatment.

Service Apartment in Bangalore

December 1. 2009 21:05

Service  apartment in Bangalore

I really enjoyed the report.

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