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March 11, 2011

A New International Sales Support Consultant by Admin

My name is Mario and I am a 29 years old and coming from a typical Italian family, I am the last of six children and so far I have nine nephews!

I came in London in November 2007 and I managed to learn the language from absolutely zero to a very acceptable level over the space of four years. Thanks to my good command of Spanish and Italian I was hired by the Big Bus Company (or the Sightseeing Tour in London) this was just a temporary job for the summer and I was looking for something more stable so I started to work at the Front Desk  with Jury's Hotel in The City. It was a wonderful experience and after only five months I was promoted to “Front Office Supervisor” and   “Employee of the Year”  I started to feel passionate about my job and of course the industry while I made really good friends and had a great time.

I am now living in South West London and I have just started at The Apartment Service, the people and the environment seems great, colleagues are really friendly and I have the feeling that I will enjoy working here and hopefully they’ll enjoy working with me too.

In my private life I like to stay close to my close friends, cook traditional meals from my city (I was chef and I love to cook dinner for my friends as long as they bring a good bottle of wine with them) and finally to travel and to discover new places.


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