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March 16, 2011

KIVA - Loans That Change Lives by Bard Vos

As part of the 30th Anniversary Year The Apartment Service is committed to participate in Good Causes as suggested by members of staff. I have been supporting KIVA ( for more than 4 years now.


What do they do? KIVA organises and manages loans for entrepreneurs across the globe, money which they normally might not be able to obtain.


Be it for someone who needs to buy parts for his car repair shop in Kenya, or someone who wants to open a bakery in Bangladesh, we can help in them achieving their goals.


KIVA members can start their participation with a $25 (USD) investment. They can choose in which industry they wish to invest, on which continent, number of repayment months etc. And the good thing is......your money is safe! When the loan term is finished and all the money repaid to the lenders, lenders have the possibility to withdraw their investment or re-invest in another business.


Personally, being a member of KIVA makes me feel that I am doing something (how small this may be) in an organised way to the development of small businesses anywhere in the world. And I know where my money is going and I can keep an eye on it, as opposed to "just giving to charity" whereby you often do not know if the money you spend is reaching the right destination.


The Apartment Service has created a Lending Team and will in the coming months support global small businesses with loans of $25. To join this lending team and enable us to support more good causes, please click here.


For more information, please feel free to email me,


Thanks very much,



Marketing Executive - The Apartment Service

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